Board and Management Solutions

Our mission is to assist client companies in the identification and selection of talents for executive roles as well as for board appointments.

We offer tailor made solutions that will best fit the client’s needs and organisation with the aim to provide superior value to the company.


Highly focused and solution driven BMS assists client’s companies in the enhancement of its human capital.

A boutique firm, BMS offers the great advantage of being immune from conflict of interests such as off-limit constraints while maintaining at all times the highest ethical standards and values. In this instance in order to guarantee total objectivity with respect to compensation when advising on candidate’s financial package BMS works on a retainer basis with pre-agreed fees.

Our services cover 2 main areas:

Corporate Governance

Executive and senior management

As executive search consultants with broad international perspective, especially Europe, Russia and the Middle East, we advises client’s companies on their senior leadership needs dealing with general management positions and functional roles.

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